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Camp Kammok was a fun-filled camping event for all ages in late April. It was an opportunity to let my inner child out, soak in the warmth of the Texas sun, and be surrounded by a community of people who love hammocks as much as I do.

At the same location as National Hammock Day last year, Reveille Peak Ranch hosted the 300-camper event for two nights. On a Friday afternoon Ryan and I arrived, and we were warmly greeted by the Kammok crew. They handed us each sweet swag bags and gave us the run-down of the land and activities for the next two days.

There were so many unforgettable experiences that took place in this one weekend. I thought I’d sum up all of the remarkable moments in a countdown of my top 8 favorite moments at Camp Kammok:


Hammock camping (duh!) Sleeping all nestled in my hammock is one of my all-time favorite things in the world. So naturally, this is a favorite moment.


Our hammock camping set up for the weekend.


The sunrises at Reveille Peak Ranch. Sleeping outside means waking up at the crack of dawn. But that’s ok, when there are views like these. Shout out to Ryan for this incredible photo.


Sunrise at Reveille Peak Ranch



Swimming at the fresh water quarry. This was a beautiful body of water we were able to cool off in at the heat of the day. My friends and I were scared at first because it was so cold. But we chose to get out of our comfort zones, and what an adventure it turned out to be. So many laughs and doggie paddling moments happened here.



DOGS. This was a dog-friendly event, therefore DOGS. We made friends with particularly two: Porter the Australian shepherd, and Trevor, who likes to get real close and personal. (Porter and his owner Jeff on left, and Trevor photobombing Caleb on right).


Heated UNO match. That’s right, with giant UNO cards. We played the game in the main gathering area. Starting with a group of about seven of us playing, a couple of kids came up and asked to join the game. Then my friend ChanAn made the rule to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and tell them you’re bad at UNO if you have to draw a card. So that brought in a couple more players. Before we knew it, we had an intense game of UNO and made new friends.


Photo by @jasonjohnston12 and @gc.johnston


Catching my first fish on a lake! This was the most unexpected occurrence of the entire weekend. I used a rental fishing pole Camp Kammok provided. While Ryan and our friend Jason brought their own fishing gear, I was just there to be part of the activity. Little did I know, just a few seconds after my third cast, a fish took a bite. I was outside of my body for a moment as everyone was yelling to me “reel it in!” My muscles took over, and there it was. A large-mouth bass. Credit goes out to Ryan for taking it off the hook for me so I could hold the fish for a picture. Then I let it back in the water to swim free.


My first catch on a lake!

Oh yeah, and Ryan caught a fish too…


(not really a fish)


Friends! Old friends and new. A few weeks before I invited my friends Rikki and ChanAn, who have also bee long-time Kammok supporters, to come. ChanAn found out Jason, one of her classmates, and his wife Gracie, were at the event too. And thus our group was formed. We also made friends with our awesome camping neighbor Jeff, who came with his dog Porter. Later on Ryan’s friend from work Caleb arrived. He had never hammock camped before, and said he slept soundly his first night with his new Kammok gear. We met so many other people that I hope to see again one day.


Thanks photographer Ryan


ChanAn and I just hanging around. Photo by @jasonjohnston12 and @gc.johnston

Other highlights: Silent disco, s’mores and slack lining.


And the final favorite moment at Camp Kammok is. . . . . meeting my future coworkers because I got hired to work at Kammok!!! I am now the Customer Experience Lead on the Kammok team. Camp Kammok happened the weekend before my first day on the job. It was such a unique experience to be able to enjoy the community in this way, before I see it from the other side.


That’s me right after receiving my Kammok crew name tag!

Reflecting on the first week and half since starting the job – I am so grateful to be part of a team of such ambitious and humble individuals. I am ready to take on the challenges and learnings that will take place as I work to hard to continually cultivate Kammok’s mission: to equip and inspire everyone for life changing adventure. For years, even before starting this blog, Kammok has shown me so much love in interactions big or small. Now having the opportunity to serve this community and give the love back overwhelms me with joy. Here’s to more hammock adventures!


One comment on “Camp Kammok 2018

  1. Judy Derkowski says:

    What a great story and an exciting experience for you. I loved the pictures and the story! Good luck with your new job!


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