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Lake Whitney State Park is one of many Texas state parks I’ve never heard of before, and it sure is a gem. It’s between Austin and Dallas, just north of Waco. My good friend Bethany invited Ryan and I, and friends of hers from other circles, to gather and go camping a mid-April weekend.


Photography by Ryan Magsino

When we arrived the light was twinkling through the trees so splendidly, which guided us toward the most perfect hammock camping spots in a grove of trees near the lake water. We could hear the water lap up onto shore as we slept. Pure paradise.


The rest of the crew set up camp closer to the convenient sheltered picnic areas available at each site. We were going to need it too, because rain was in the forecast. But we came prepared with plenty of games, food and company to satisfy the 10 of us for the weekend. Bethany’s friend, Ken, even kept the fire going throughout the scattered storms. What a boss! (pictured above)

We were also fully-supplied with dogs for the weekend. Suna of course, and her two new pals: old Bella the black lab, and Po’ Boy the Australian shepherd pup.

Our weekend together was all about relaxing, enjoying each other’s company, and eating dang-good food. Since we all came from different places, either Austin or Dallas, we broke up into small groups and each planned a meal. What’s on the menu:

  • Friday dinner: Hot dogs and s’mores
  • Saturday breakfast: Breakfast tacos with potatoes, ground sausage, and soft-scrambled eggs with all the fixins’
  • Saturday lunch: Sandwiches with deli turkey and avocado
  • Saturday dinner: Wood fire-cooked marinated chicken with slow roasted baked potatoes and vegetables and s’mores again!
  • Sunday breakfast: Blueberry pancakes

I’m sure most people don’t even eat this great at home, and we did it outside in the rain, with a fire pit, and one gas stove for 10 people!

In the afternoon it cleared up to be a sunny day, so we all went together to do the Two Bridges hike. It was a scenic trail making a winding circle from the road to the lake front and back again, with two bridges in the mix. About halfway we stopped at a nice waterfront area to take some pictures. Shout out to Bethany for inviting us on this adventure!


The final morning Ryan and I went out to find a good fishing spot. We only had one pole, so I enjoyed spectating from the tailgate of his truck, while Ryan tried his luck. After moving spots three times, the cards were in Ryan’s favor, and he caught a small-mouth bass! Feeling accomplished, we made it back to camp just in time to devour some pancakes, and say our goodbyes to new friends.




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