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The fall season is here, and lucky for us in Texas, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bundling up everyday to go outside. We have no excuse to not take the hammock out and enjoy the pleasant, mild temperatures while it lasts. One of my favorite quick get-away hammock spots in Austin is at Lower Bull Creek.


Photography by Ryan Magsino

It’s at the northern part of the Greenbelt within the Austin city limits, and just an exit off US Highway 183 going South. Lower Bull Creek is split in half by the highway, and the part East of the highway is the more populated side. If you’re all about the family barbecues, music bumping, and children splashing in the water, that side might be more your speed. But if you’re like me, and just want some peace, quiet and exploration into more uncharted territory, then might I suggest the West side of the creek. Taking the exit going South, you’ll find a small parking lot, and the start of the trail. Bull_Creek_Lower_Lvl-21Ryan and I walked along the trail until we passed the other people moseying about. It’s practically impossible to find an outdoor area in the Austin city limits that is not somewhat populated by other nature-seekers, but when we were there it was certainly a more relaxed crowd than the other side. Along the trail you follow the creek’s edge on one side, and a mossy rock wall standing about 10 feet tall on the other side. Filling in the spaces are endless towering trees above head, and smaller bushes down below; the green, yellow and orange hues seem to swallow you up from all directions. The perfect scenery to find a good hammock spot.Bull_Creek_Lower_Lvl-20I was drawn to one spot in particular because of its babbling brook, a soothing background noise to relax hammock-side. We set up our hammocks in a V formation, sharing a sturdy tree on one side, then splitting to our own supports on the other side. We spent a couple of hours relaxing in our new-found oasis chatting, reading, and even a mid-day hammock nap. The remainder of our time was spent sitting along the creek’s edge, watching the trickling of water pass between the river rocks which creates the babbling sound I love so much. Bull_Creek_Lower_Lvl-9With the weekend coming up, and some reasonably tolerable temperatures for November, plan an hour or two to get outside. Even if you reside in a chillier environment, my favorite hammock brand, Kammok, just created the amazingly versatile Field Blanket, that’s perfect for using outside, and can even be made into a poncho. WHOA.Be reminded of the simplicity of life, which is what nature is always there to teach us, and reset your mind and body for the holiday week ahead.





2 comments on “Lower Bull Creek, Austin, Texas

  1. gaderks says:

    Glad to see you posting on your blog again! Love your writing!

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Thats says:

    Love your blog and the beautiful pictures. Great job Ryan!


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