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Thanks to the amazing and innovative Kammok team, I was able to celebrate National Hammock Day in style alongside friends and a community who is equally as obsessed with hammocks as I am. The festivities began on the eve of hammock day, and upon arrival to Reveille Peak Ranch, my fellow hammocking friends Ryan, MJ, Victoria Leeann, and I, were warmly greeted with a Kammok-branded camping mug and the itinerary for the evening and next day. After check in, it was time to scope out our hammock camping spot!

Reveille Peak Ranch is privately owned land that hosts events in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. As we walked around the ranch to claim our camping quarters, we came across a metal obstacle course, and chose to set up there! I was honored to take my friends on their first hammock camping experience, and we had a good time of trial and error, avoiding giant spider webs and territorial wasps, and laughs until we achieved the best set up for all of our hammocks on the metal structure.


Our hammock camping set up! Photo by: @LeeannLo

Next stop, dinner at the main event building, a rustic venue that included a large covered outdoor space with a stage, observation rooftop, and a sea of Roo Red Wallabys scattered about for guests to hang around. Tacos were the item on the menu, and after indulging on a few and a beer or two, we ventured around the property. We found a nice dock on the small lake the ranch provided, and at dusk we ventured on a mission to find a spot to hang my new Topo Designs Roo for star gazing.


Photo by @rmagsino

Ryan masterfully captured the image of the Milky Way Constellation with me in the foreground gazing at the starry night sky from my hammock. The clear sky, new moon, and an hour outside of the city was the perfect recipe for star gazing.

The next morning there were plenty of activities to partake in, one being a sunrise yoga class led by myself! I was absolutely thrilled when Kammok asked me to lead the hammock community in a yoga flow. For many of the participants that attended the yoga class, it was their first time doing yoga AND their first time camping overnight in their hammocks. Way to step outside your comfort zone! This realization inspired me to do the same, and vulnerably lead a class of 30 yogis of all levels through an awakening flow, outdoors, in the most beautiful and peaceful setting…and surrounded by hammocks, of course!

camp kammok kingman 208

Photo by @AdamKingman

This day will always hold a special place in my heart, consisting all of my favorite things, surrounded by people who have a love for the outdoors, yoga, community and hammocks. Can’t wait until next year!

July 22nd, 2017

2 comments on “National Hammock Day 2017

  1. gaderks says:

    Wow, that is so cool! I didn’t know you did that. How special that you were asked to lead the yoga class too! I love you life!

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