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This blog is my mission of discovering the best hammock spots around, and to be the catalyst for inspiring YOU to get outside and explore. Whether you’re new to the hammock camping revolution, just now hearing about it, or a well-seasoned elevated camper, I hope you can take something from what I experience. I’m just a person who took up “hammocking” as a hobby five years ago. But to me, it’s not only about laying in my hammock.

From my hammock I find inspiration for adventure, and it is the motivator to share my passion for travel and the outdoors with the world. It takes me to new heights that I would not go to otherwise (literally and figuratively). It gets me out of my head, and into the present moment. It captures everything I yearn for after a long work week, and thanks to the accessibility of plentiful hammock spots from my home city of Austin, I have the ability to explore new places every weekend.



I went with my friends MJ and Victoria, and boyfriend and talented photographer for this blog, Ryan, to Canyon Lake. A place we stumbled upon on social media, it surely is a crystal, clear blue diamond in the rough. With so many lakes, rivers, and water features in Central Texas, this was the first I ever heard of this place. It’s located on the outskirts of San Marcos, in a tiny town named after the lake itself.


View of Canyon Lake from Overlook Park

The picture above shows me perched in Ryan’s new Wallaby hammock, the smaller version of my Roo. It’s half the weight at 10 ounces, and the perfect companion to take on day trips such as this day.

There are many access points to Canyon Lake, and thanks to the guidance of TripAdvisor, we chose to spend the day at Overlook Park. None of us had ever been to Canyon Lake, so needless to say we had no idea what to expect. In turn, this levied excitement for the unknown, which is the perfect devise for adventure.


Group selfie with my iPhone, hammocks and all.

We arrived around 10 in the morning and walked down the steep, rocky terrain from the entrance of the park to the shoreline to find a serene, picturesque view all to ourselves. A shocking discovery for a Saturday at the lake, nonetheless we took full advantage and claimed our hammock spots on a cascading hilltop above the lake’s shoreline. We dipped in the water, skipped some rocks, and floated in the waves created by passing boats.

As more fellow visitors arrived, we ventured down the bank to find some nice boulders protruding above the water’s edge at about eight feet, making an excellent launching pad to get our fill of an adrenaline rush. Afterwards I was in the mood for a hammock nap, in which I executed splendidly. A day in the sun is the best recipe for some successful hammock slumbering.


Photography by Ryan Magsino @rmagsino

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