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Brisk stride forward. Right hand in pocket, concealing the money and phone inside. Left hand in grasp of my insulated water bottle, a novel wedged between my upper arm and rib cage. Sunglasses shading my eyes, not from the sun, but from making eye contact with anyone who crosses my path. This is the way I walked to the Garden Cafe on an afternoon in Granada, Nicaragua. It’s not that I feel in danger, I just wanted to portray a person who did not want to be bothered in order to dilute as many “cat calls” as possible.

The city of Granada, although uniquely beautiful, with it’s picturesque brightly-colored Spanish colonial architecture and eye-popping color palate, it is also hot, noisy, and the perfect recipe for taking midday siestas in my Kammok hammock, which I often took advantage of with no regret.


Daily hammock hang in PURE’s courtyard garden.

I arrived in the country of Nicaragua on my 3 month anniversary as a solo traveler. With that being said, I was ready to take it easy for a few weeks, catch up on sleep, and at PURE Gym, where I had my stay as a visiting yoga instructor, I was able to do so. I had my own room, there was a kitchen staff there to cook all my meals. I only taught 4 classes a week, so some days I had off, in which I took day trips to near by activities, such as hiking Volcan Mombacho


Overlook at Volcan Mombacho (Granada in the background)

And Laguna De Apoyo. This is one of my favorite places in Nicaragua so far. Almost a perfect circular shape, and just 20 minutes outside of Granada, it’s a crater lake, developed from a volcano exploding thousands of years ago, and over time it filled up with rich mineral water. The water is constantly a little warm, due to the depth of the lagoon and it’s volcanic origin, which is perfect for me because I’m a sissy when it comes to cold water. My favorite part about this place: they have SUP boards! So needless to say, I did SUP yoga while here, and enjoyed every minute of taking my practice off-land and to the water.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

SUP Yoga in Laguna De Apoyo!

Another highlight of my time in Granada has been doing Acro yoga (acrobatic yoga). April, a personal trainer at PURE, is also this badass Acro yogi. She and her husband Warren, the owner of PURE, are the definition of “power couple.” They have taught me a lot about Acro, and have really rekindled my love for it. Before I thought I could only be the flyer (the one on top) but now I have the confidence to be the base, which in my opinion is much more difficult. I have a long way to go, but I had so much fun “playing” with April, and she taught me a great deal of Acro moves and tips I can take with me.


April as base, me flying in star pose with no arms!

And overcome by restful days, vegetarian meals, healthy activities, and frequent cat naps, my body got sick. With parasites. “Welcome to Central America,” they all told me. But I’m thankful. For a few weeks I was not feeling my best, avoiding the conclusion that I could possibly fall ill in the midst of my grand adventure. But I now know and was able to take care of myself during this time.

During this phase of my travels, days of relaxation and good Wifi, I’ve had a lot of time to think about home, and miss it. After living in third world countries for a good amount of time, I’ve grown accustom to the conditions, and at the same time really yearn for those luxuries I before took for granted in the states.

I miss my clothes, live music scene, driving my own car, a data plan on my phone…

My bikes.

I know I’ll be back there in just one month’s time, so my intention for this last month is to get freed up. More so than ever. And thankfully, that will happen. For the last month I will be on a Bunkabus with friends traveling to multiple locations in Nicaragua. We don’t know if we’ll have Internet access, showering with water bags, hand-washing our clothes, cooking from a camping stove.

It’ll be the ultimate ending to this chapter of my travels, an opportunity to connect back with the life lessons I’ve gained on this journey: embrace the unknown, non attachment, and trust the process. All of these will come into play one way or another, and I am ready.

Best of all, I will be experiencing it from my hammock, and you as the viewer will get a hammock’s eye view. Adventure awaits!

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