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I’m always finding new adventures, near or far, and this month I found myself in Galveston, Texas. Only 45 minutes from my doorstep, Galveston is a great day or weekend trip for the community of Houston, even if most Houstonians don’t appreciate it they way it should be. Sure it’s not the West Coast, or any caribbean oasis; however, it’s minutes from home and it’s the OCEAN!

I went on a stand up paddle board (SUP) yoga retreat with my yoga community at BIG for three days on the Sea Isle bay. SUP is one of my favorite outdoor activities, and yoga in my all time favorite activity, so combining the two is absolutely brilliant. It’s much more of a challenge out in the open choppy bay versus the tiny 288 Lake we’re usually playing in, even though we use Boga Yoga boards that are designed to do yoga on. Talk about connection with your fears and resistances, and being one with nature. During one of our practices a pelican swooped directly over my friend right in front of me. Somehow she maintained her Warrior 1 position.

The first day we had two yoga practices on the boards, and relaxed in between. I took by far the BEST hammock nap of my life, right where the featured image was taken. So serene, even though it was quite warm, laying in the shade with the sea breeze was the perfect match. The food was brilliant, catered all weekend by my friend Lila with Just Dinner. Yoga, eat, hang, yoga, eat, hang… that is what the day consisted of.

The second day began with a great SUP practice, and instead of going for the fourth of the weekend, we collectively decided to go to the beach instead! Not even a one minute drive, we left our cozy bay home to go across the island to the beach. This was one of my favorite times on the retreat, because it was all about connection with one another. Unfortunately no palm trees on the beach to hang my Kammok on, instead a group of us sat in the shallow beachside and talked, had a dance party, and of course practiced our handstands and other yoga poses worthy of attempting in the sand. Later that evening after washing our sandy bodies, we all went to a local fisherman’s restaurant with karaoke and had a great night.

the crew

The third day started with our final SUP practice of the weekend, then we took a paddle excursion along the bayside and literally connected with the nature surrounding us. I had no idea Galveston Island was so alive. We saw numerous schools of fish, located live clams, observed birds in their natural habitat, and watched blue crabs and sting rays scurry along the shallow bay shore. We all took our time paddling back to the house, denying that this great weekend was coming to an end.

on the paddling excursion

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