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Life after yoga teacher training means time for road trips! Nothing big, just a weekend get away to Austin will suffice. I had some much-needed time to get out and explore. I’ve visited the city of Austin many times before, and in fact this was probably the longest running time I hadn’t visited in a while. So I took it as a new experience, and discovered areas I’ve never been to before.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to go outdoor rock climbing with fellow MOBster and Kammok employees Travis and Haley (shout out). We went to the most accessible outdoor climbing wall I’ve ever witnessed: Gus Fruh in the Greenbelt. The trailhead is located in the middle of a neighborhood, had an address and everything. We walked down a short trail and when we arrived our view became a picturesque watering hole. Being a hot summer afternoon, we took our time treading across the creek’s flowing crystal blue water. I struggled balancing on the river rocks in the water with my Birkenstocks and managed to make it through to the other side, making our way towards a beautiful climbing wall. We began on an easier route, both Haley and I out of practice, then we caught Travis on a few harder routes. This experience reminded me how much I love to rock climb, and that I need to do it outdoors more often because that’s what rock climbing truly is.

The following day I met up with my friends Rikki, David and ChanAn. They too are MOBsters and are friends with another employee of Kammok, so they wanted to take me to see the headquarters, since I’m such a huge fan (obviously). We saw Travis again and met most of the gang, including the founder of this amazing company, Greg. He saw my old carabiners, originals from when he first started the company, and traded them out for their more updated ones they sell now. We let them get back to their business, and took a walk along the Lady Bird Boardwalk, where the feature image was taken. This was another part of Austin I had never been to before, I had always done paddle boarding or went to a restaurant on the water closer into downtown.

And of course, I had to visit an Austin yoga studio while I was here. I went to Practice Yoga on East 6th St, a small and quaint studio, much different than BIG, the studio I work at in Houston. Donation based, I met the teacher who gave very good direction in her class, and built heat and empowered us throughout the practice. Here’s a picture of me doing a handstand in front of the studio!


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