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I may not be traveling for the time being, yet my every day life has proven to be an adventure. I now work as a studio manager at the BEST yoga studio in town, and possibly the universe, BIG Power Yoga. This is the place I fell completely in love with the practice of yoga and began to grow this life long passion at, so it’s an honor to be a part of the amazing team of people who make this place possible.

The featured image for this blog post is my office…yes my office, no joke. There’s a nice bunch of trees on the lawn in front of the studio, and as I once struggled to find a quiet sanctuary to work amongst the hustle and bustle of a popular yoga studio, I realized I could create my own space using my Kammok hammock. 🙂

Welcome to my office.

Since Vietnam I’ve been warming up to the new gig, making new friends, growing in my practice and, oh yeah, becoming a certified yoga instructor! By the end of this month I will have my RYT 200 and be certified to powerfully instruct and lead a Baptiste style power vinyasa flow class. That may or may not mean anything to you, so let’s keep it simple…I can teach you yoga. I’m pretty excited and amazed by how far I’ve come to say the least, it’s amazing where you can go when you don’t over think things, follow your heart and just go for it, as cheesy as that sounds. That’s what I did, and it seems to be working quite all right so far.

That doesn’t mean all of my dreams have come true, oh no, this is only the beginning. I still dream of traveling all over the world, and now adding to that desire, I want to teach yoga all over the world. Especially to those who don’t have access to it. Yoga truly is the study of your body and the Self, so if you have a body and a mind yoga is for YOU! So many only see the surface of it and believe it’s all about being flexible and able to contort your body is strange shapes. I once was that person, and now as I go through teaching training and am learning the depths of yoga, I genuinely believe and hope that all of the world can learn of this life-changing way of life as I have.

In the Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP) I have been a part of the past couple of months, we have been practicing multiple times a day, been taught by an Iraqi veteran who lost both his legs in combat, and studied the readings of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, along with many other mind-blowing texts. Yoga is a self practice, and way to enlighten yourself in mind and body, and co-creating each other as one. If only we all meditated, gave ourselves selflessly in the name of service for others, and just sat back and took the time to inquire about ourselves, what we are feeling and thinking. The world would be so much different if we were in touch with what we felt and had tools to face tough situations called life and equally had a supportive, loving, non-judgement community, as the yogi culture is. That is why I am so completely thankful to have this opportunity to access these tools and know the healthy way and reasons of yoga, and not only practice the fun and crazy poses we do sometimes and witness my body grow into advanced postures I never thought possible, but knowing the healthy way to live and LOVE my life, whatever happens next.


The Warrior 5, my small group in TEP!

Sometimes, and especially right now as I’m writing this blog post, I overwhelm myself with how much I want to accomplish. Can one person really bring the love of yoga to others who don’t have access? Can she really have an impact while continuing to focus within and reasonably happy? It’s a lot to take in and imagine the answers to those questions are YES, but I have to remind myself to take it one day at a time, one person and one moment at a time and stay present. Focusing on the past or the future isn’t going to make anything happen because that’s not what is happening! Focusing on the now is what makes the biggest impact, listening to my body for what I need, and watching and giving tools to others to be of service of what they need.

Right now I am present to the gorgeous weather in Houston, extremely thankful for the yoga practice I had this morning, and that I have time to lay in my hammock and be with myself, my thoughts, just me. No distractions, only the hum of the cars driving by on Allen Parkway and the occasional dog parent and their pup strolling by on the sidewalk. I am present to my breath, the comforting smell and warmth of the cup of coffee I have with me and how ridiculously good it is to have this comfortable and supportive Kammok underneath me. This socially conscious adventurer is ready to take on the day!

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